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The words
Students in the USA took [part / party] in a protest on Wednesday. Tens of thousands of high-schoolers walked out of their schools [to / for] protest against gun violence. They chose March 14 for their protest [was / as] that marks a month [since / for] the February 14 Florida shooting in which 17 students lost their lives. At Stoneman Douglas High School, where last month's tragedy [took / gave] place, students gathered on the football field for 17 minutes to [memory / remember] their lost classmates. One student said: "The walkout was for [them / those] who will never be here again, but we're fighting for those who might [be / been] next." Another student said: "I came out because of [that / what] happened in Florida, but also because of what happens in my [neighbor / neighborhood] every day."

In the U.S. [capitals / capital] , Washington DC, hundreds of students gathered outside the White House to protest. They sat with their [backwards / backs] turned to the [building / build] for 17 minutes. They then took part in [chance / chants] against the powerful gun group the National Rifle Association (NRA). U.S. Senator Elizabeth [joined / joint] the crowds and spoke at a rally outside the Capitol building. She said: "The NRA has held Congress [hostile / hostage] for years now. These young people have [shown / showing] up to free us. I believe the young people will [lead / led] us." Many of the students in the crowd wanted to [rewind / remind] President Donald Trump that they would be old enough to [vote / voting] in the 2020 elections, so he should listen to them now.

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