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Students in the USA took part in a on Wednesday. Tens of of high-schoolers walked out of their schools to protest against gun . They chose March 14 for their protest as that marks a since the February 14 Florida shooting in which 17 students lost their . At Stoneman Douglas High School, where last month's took place, students gathered on the football field for 17 minutes to remember their lost . One student said: "The walkout was for those who will be here again, but we're fighting for those who might be ." Another student said: "I came out because of what happened in Florida, but also because of what happens in my every day."

In the U.S. , Washington DC, hundreds of students gathered outside the White House to protest. They sat with their turned to the building for 17 minutes. They then took part in against the powerful gun the National Rifle Association (NRA). U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren joined the and spoke at a outside the Capitol building. She said: "The NRA has held Congress for years now. These young people have shown up to free us. I believe the young people will lead us." Many of the students in the crowd wanted to remind President Donald Trump that they would be enough to vote in the 2020 , so he should listen to them .

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