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The words
The world is [waiting / waited] to see if a trade war breaks [up / out] between the USA and China. Stock markets in Asia did [bad / badly] in Friday's trading because investors are worried [around / about] U.S. President Donald Trump's plans to hit Chinese companies [at / with] trade tariffs. A tariff is a tax a country puts on [goods / good] and services coming in from other countries. President Trump has warned China he will [issue / tissue] tariffs on up to $60 billion of Chinese imports. China said it would issue its own tariffs [in / on] reply to Mr Trump. Tokyo’s Nikkei share index fell by more than 4 per cent on Friday, Shanghai's market was down [most / more] than 3 per cent, and stocks and shares in Seoul fell by 3 per cent. There was also a fall on New York's Wall Street stock [change / exchange] .

Experts on [worldly / world] trade are worried that the import tariffs could be the start [for / of] a global trade war. Trade researcher Robert Carnell said: "If the tariffs [go / come] ahead as planned, then we believe China will [repatriate / retaliate] . It is impossible to imagine that they cannot. And then we expect the U.S. to retaliate [farther / further] . This can turn ugly on a [global / globally] scale very quickly." President Trump says he wants to protect U.S. workers and companies. Mr Trump is not happy with the [trade / traded] imbalance between the USA and China. [Expats / Experts] believe that the USA buys $385 billion more goods from China [that / than] China buys from the USA. Trump wants to try and [reduce / reduction] this imbalance by at least $100 billion with his tariffs.

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