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Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg apologized for the data breach that was [revealed / revealing] last week. Mr Zuckerberg took out full-page advertisements [in / on] broadsheet newspapers in the UK and US to make his [apologize / apology] for the data privacy scandal. Zuckerberg was being criticized for being too slow to [respond / response] to the news. Personal data on up to 50 million [uses / users] was used by a U.S. political consultancy called Cambridge Analytica. This company is accused [for / of] using the [leaky / leaked] data to benefit Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. Zuckerberg said: "This was a breach of [trust / trusty] , and I am sorry.... We're now taking [stairs / steps] to make sure this doesn't happen again." The apology made [no / not] mention of Cambridge Analytica.

Mr Zuckerberg acknowledged that Facebook could and should have done more to protect user data and to stop it being [exploitative / exploited] . Reports are now [circulatory / circulating] that Facebook was warned its data protection was too weak [back / then] in 2011. Mr Zuckerberg outlined the actions Facebook would take [going / being] forward. He said: "We're investigating [every / all] single app that had access to large [amount / amounts] of data before we fixed this. We expect there are others. And when we find them, we will [bin / ban] them and tell everyone affected." The value [of / for] Facebook has fallen by $75 billion this week; Zuckerberg's wealth fell by $10 billion. There has also been a [splurge / surge] in users abandoning their Facebook pages, in online [calls / shouts] to #deletefacebook.

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