Gap Fill - Hypersonic Missiles - Level 1


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   arms      because      development      diplomats      fireball      last      military      missiles      month      not      nuclear      Russia      sanctions      security      soon      sound      spy      times      USA      worse  
The USA is worried about China and Russia developing hypersonic . These can travel 20 the speed of . The U.S. said hypersonic missiles are a problem for the . It warned that the USA could stop Russia or China using these missiles. It needs its weapons. U.S. President Donald Trump plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to talk about the race.

Russia tested a hypersonic missile this . China tested some year. President Putin said Russia needed the weapons "unlawful " from the USA and Europe have hurt Russia's . He added: "You have failed to contain ." Mr Putin says the missiles can "strike like a ". Relations became this week after the UK and USA expelled Russian because of the poisoning of a Russian in England.

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