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The words
The U.S. [military / militarily] is worried about China and Russia developing hypersonic missiles. These are missiles that can travel [among / between] five and twenty times the [speed / speedy] of sound. Both Russia and China are [developing / development] the missile a lot faster than the United States. A [seniority / senior] U.S. military official said this could be a security problem for the USA. General John Hyten warned [what / that] the USA has no defense that could stop the use of [such / much] weapons against it. He said the USA needed small nuclear weapons [for / to] stop Russia attacking the USA. President Donald Trump said he has "plans to get together in the [not-too-distant / not-to-distant] future" with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the [arms / legs] race.

Russia says it [successfully / success] tested a hypersonic missile earlier this month. China tested its missiles [first / last] year and will soon have the weapons [readily / ready] for use. President Putin explained that Russia needs the weapons [because / due to] of actions other countries have taken [for / against] it. He said "unlawful sanctions" by the USA and European countries have hurt Russia's development. He added: "You have [failure / failed] to contain Russia." Mr Putin says the missiles will be [able / ability] to fly anywhere in the world and will "[strike / struck] like a fireball". Tensions increased this week after the USA and many European countries [excelled / expelled] Russian diplomats after the reported [poisoning / poison] of a Russian spy in England.

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