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Fans of the USA's National Football League (NFL) will soon be [on / in] for a surprise. For the first time ever, an NFL team will have male cheerleaders in its [banks / ranks] . The Los Angeles Rams have [recruited / recruits] two men as part of its official spirit squad (the [term / tome] often given to the cheerleader team). Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies will be the first men in NFL history to perform the same dance routines [longing / alongside] their female [counteracts / counterparts] . Other NFL teams have men who perform [stunts / stints] , but they do not dance. Quinton and Napoleon are both classically trained dancers [with / within] years of performing experience. They were selected after impressing judges in a [rigor / rigorous] three-week-long process of [auditions / ordeals] and interviews.

The [currant / current] captain of the LA Rams cheerleader squad, Emily Leibert, [enthused / bemused] about her new [collages / colleagues] in an interview on the TV show Good Morning America. She said: "They [really / real] just fit the [bill / pill] to be a Los Angeles Rams cheerleader. They are intelligent; they are eloquent; they are more than qualified to be ambassadors [out / around] in the community." Leibert added: "They bring so much energy and there's something [such / so] magnetic about their performance that you really can't [take / away] your eyes off them." Napoleon was equally enthusiastic about joining the Rams. He [praised / appraised] the team for welcoming inclusivity and said he was "humbled" [on / by] his new role. He said he wanted to prove that "boys can dance too".

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