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Iceland's First Lady wears charity-shop jacket






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The First Lady of Iceland surprised people with her fashion at a movie awards ceremony. Eliza Reid wore a black jacket to the Edda Awards. Ms Reid's jacket was black to show her support for the #metoo movement. However, unlike most people who go to glamorous awards shows, Ms Reid's jacket was not expensive. When reporters asked her where she bought her jacket, she said she got it in a local Red Cross charity store. The Icelandic Red Cross was happy about this news. It tweeted that the first lady looked, "awesome in a gorgeous jacket from the Red Cross".

Eliza Reid is from Canada and works as a journalist. She met her husband, Iceland's president, when she was studying at Oxford University. She "won" a blind date with the future president at a university rowing club event. She had no idea she would one day be Iceland's first lady. Both she and her husband are very popular in Iceland for being normal. They both lead a simple life. They often go shopping and eat out in the city with their four children. The Red Cross also likes Ms Reid. It hopes more people will like her fashion sense and buy clothes from its charity shops.

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