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There is a job for eight people who love riding motorbikes, summers, and feeling the in their hair. The job is a summer for the motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson. It wants to learn to ride its bikes and then ride them across the USA. The job is to celebrate the 115th anniversary of the of the company. The people will get training to ride a Harley and must then share their of riding around the USA on social media. They must also attend different , including anniversary celebrations.

Harley-Davidson's CEO explained why his company wants eight to ride bikes. He said: "We're continuously working to grow the of motorcycling. What better way to engage future riders than to have a team of newly-trained enthusiasts share personal ...[of] motorcycle culture and ....I'm looking forward to following their [and] learning about their experiences." To qualify, must show they are good , can use social media , and can describe what means in an essay, video or through photos.

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