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Have you ever [wondered / wandered] why children always seem to have bags of energy and never run out of [stream / steam] ? Researchers have discovered that children have the stamina and levels of [recovered / recovery] of endurance athletes. In fact, scientists say children's [muscular / muscles] recover from "high-intensity exercise" a lot [quicker / quickly] than athletes. A study looked at the performance levels of children when they were cycling, and [compared / comparison] their fitness to that of athletes. Researcher Dr Sebastien Ratel said: "We found the children used more of [that / their] aerobic metabolism and were therefore [less / lesser] tired during the high-intensity physical activities. They [also / addition] recovered very quickly - even faster than [the / a] well-trained adult endurance athletes."

The researchers hope that their findings will help scientists better understand how the human body changes [for / with] age. It could lead to advances [in / on] the fight against diabetes and [another / other] diseases. Dr Ratel said the research was particularly [importance / important] as more children were become less active. He warned: "With the rise [on / in] diseases related to physical inactivity, it is helpful to understand the physiological changes with [growth / grown] that might contribute to the risk of disease." He added that children should [maintenance / maintain] their fitness as they grow up and play as much as they could so they remain healthy [was / as] adults. He said: "Children seem to have the ability to play and [pray / play] and play, [long / longingly] after adults have become tired."

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