Gap Fill - Cold Cure - Level 1


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   asthma      body      breathing      close      different      discovery      discovery      few      many      more      new      nose      people      problem      serious      suffering      things      types      viruses      we  
Scientists may be to a cure for the common cold. They have looked for a medicine for years. The is that there are hundreds of of cold viruses. The change very quickly. They fight against drugs. This means all have to suffer every year. Scientists have made a that could end colds. Their blocked the viruses that cause colds. It stopped the viruses from working in the .

Most of us catch a cold a times a year. We usually take medicine for things like a sore throat, a runny or a fever. Different viruses cause different . The researchers' discovery could stop these things. It could help to end our . It could also help people with serious problems. A cold can cause problems in people with difficulties. The discovery could help who have .

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