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The USA's space agency NASA has [conformed / confirmed] that human activity is responsible for a [missive / massive] redistribution of freshwater across Earth. It said the redistribution is [continuing / continuance] as populations shift and demand for food increases. In [particular / peculiar] , equatorial regions were drying, while [topical / tropical] areas and higher latitudes were gaining water supplies. NASA [warmed / warned] that if this trend continued, many highly populated [urbane / urban] areas could struggle to find sufficient water [in / on] the future. NASA's claims are the result of a 14-year study into shifting [locations / locale] and depleting resources of freshwater. It was part of a mission conducted between 2002-2016 called GRACE, [which / what] is an acronym for Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment.

Researchers say that [the / a] shifting freshwater patterns are the result of [human / humane] activity. Jay Famiglietti, a co-author of the research and the Senior Water Scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said: "The [studious / study] shows that humans have [really / reality] drastically altered the global water landscape in a very [profound / profoundly] way." He warned that: "The human fingerprint is [every / all] over changing freshwater availability. We see it in large-scale overuse of groundwater. We see it as a [driver / driven] of climate change." Professor Famiglietti said at least 40 per cent of the 34 hot areas examined [on / in] the research were drier than two [decades / decadence] ago because of human activity, especially [recessive / excessive] groundwater pumping for farming.

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