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The words
The cafe [chain / string] Starbucks has made a new policy about who can use its cafes. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has [announced / announcement] that anyone can enter a Starbucks cafe in the USA without [need / needing] to make a purchase. That means people are [freezing / free] to sit in the cafe or use the restrooms. Mr Schulz has asked all Starbucks staff to [treatment / treat] every person entering the cafe [was / as] a customer. He said: "Any person who enters our spaces, [including / include] patios, cafes and restrooms, regardless of [weather / whether] they make a purchase, is considered a customer." This means people can [simply / simple] use Starbucks to sit down, relax and use the Internet. The new policy applies to more than 8,000 cafes [at / in] the United States.

The new policy will also make it [easily / easier] for store managers and baristas to do [their / them] job. There have been high-profile cases [recent / recently] of managers asking [real / really] customers to leave a cafe or telling them they cannot [use / usage] the bathroom. On April 12, two black men were arrested and [escorted / escort] out of a Philadelphia Starbucks in handcuffs for waiting for a friend to arrive before they ordered. A week later, another black man was [told / spoken] he could not use the bathroom because he hadn't bought anything. He posted [the / a] video online of a white man using the bathroom in the [same / some] cafe without buying anything first. Mr Schultz said he didn't want to make Starbucks a [public / publicity] bathroom, but the new policy was "the right thing" to do.

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