Gap Fill - Crowdfunding - Level 1


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   country      credit      earnings      finance      first      important      interest      lot      much      new      new      ocean      old      page      problems      proud      quickly      small      special      voluntarily  
Malaysians gave $2 million to help their with its debt. Malaysia has a government for the time since 1957. It promised to fix left by the government, especially the huge national debt. The old government lost a of money. The government used a way of raising money - crowdfunding. It made a page on the Internet to raise money. People can give money to the using their card.

The $2 million is very . It is just a drop in the because the country's debt is $251 billion. Malaysia's minister said it was for people to help. He said: "The people want to share their ." The idea came from a woman who said she was, "very in love with and " of her country. She started to raise money, and that very attracted from other people. They also wanted to help.

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