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The words
Malaysians have helped [their / its] government with its money problems. They gave nearly $2 million to help [a / the] country with its national debt. Malaysia has a [new / news] party in power for the first time [for / since] the nation's independence in 1957. The new government [promising / promised] to fix the problems [right / left] by the previous government. One of these problems was the huge national debt. Malaysia's [currency / current] leaders say the previous government lost [a / the] lot of money. They now want to put that right. The government has used a new [way / weigh] of raising money. They decided to ask for help by using crowdfunding. This means setting up a special page on the Internet to [raise / rise] cash. People can give money to the page using their credit card.

The amount the government has raised so [for / far] is very small compared to its multi-billion-dollar debt. The $2 million is just a [drip / drop] in the ocean [compared / comparison] to the country's $251 billion debt. This is about 80 per cent of Malaysia's [economic / economically] output. However, Malaysia's finance minister Lim Guan Eng said it was [importance / important] to let people try to help the country. He said: "The people [volunteer / voluntarily] want to share their earnings with the government to help [ease / easy] the burden." The idea came from a 27-year-old Malaysian lady who said she was, "very [much / many] in love with and proud" of her country. She set up a private fundraising [afford / effort] that very quickly attracted [interest / interesting] from like-minded people who also wanted to help.

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