Speed Reading — Women in Power - Level 4 — 200 wpm 

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Spain's new government has eleven women and six men. Women are in most of the top positions, including defence, the economy and finance. Spain has the highest ratio of women in top government posts in Europe. New prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, praised his government. He said: "All are highly qualified and bring a vocation for public service and reflect the best of Spain." He said they have global views but are, "anchored in the European Union."

Mr Sanchez's party has just 84 of the 350 seats in parliament. He replaced Spain's leader Mariano Rajoy. Mr Rajoy was the focus of a corruption scandal. He was unpopular because of his austerity measures. Sanchez promises change. He has to work quickly to improve Spain's economy. He will call elections in less than two years. This may be too soon to change the last government's budget. Another big challenge is to repair relations with Catalonia.

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