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There is good about the twelve boys and their football who are trapped in a Thai cave. They are and well. The group was for nine days, but was found by yesterday. Thailand has been praying for them to be found since they went missing on June 23. The search for the group was 24-hour news in Thailand. It was where they were or whether or not they were still alive. The boys, aged between 11 and 16, and their 25-year-old coach went missing. They went into the cave in Thailand when it was dry, but there was heavy rain. This blocked the to the cave. The flooded it and the boys and their coach were trapped.

The news is that the soccer team could be trapped in the cave for . Rescuers have to wait until the recedes (goes down) before the team can get out. Another is for the boys to learn to dive. If they do that, they can get out . However, none of the boys can swim. Rescuers say they may have to take food, medicine and supplies to the boys for the next four months. They are trying to put power and telephone lines in the cave. Two British rescue divers who found the boys said they were all , but very, very hungry. The rescuers took a of them. A mother of one of the boys described her . She said: "I'm so happy I can't put it into ."

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