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The words
France beat Croatia 4-2 in the [final / finality] of the FIFA World Cup in Moscow on Sunday night. It was a [thrill / thrilling] and high-scoring end to a hugely successful tournament. France's [victory / victor] came 20 years after their very first [success / successful] in 1998. French coach Didier Deschamps became only the third man to [winner / win] the competition as a player and coach. The final was a true spectacle that had [quality / qualify] football, controversial refereeing decisions, an [owe / own] goal, a pitch invasion, and a goalkeeping howler. Billions of people around the world watched [was / as] France slowly imposed their quality on the game with a team [fully / full] of outstanding talent, which included the next global superstar - the explosive 19-year-old [forwards / forward] Kylian Mbappe.

Croatia [domination / dominated] the game early on and frequently threatened to score first. However, France got a [freed / free] kick after 18 minutes on the [edge / edgy] of Croatia's penalty area. The kick was [deflection / deflected] in for an own goal by the Croatian forward Mario Mandzukic. Croatia deservedly [equalized / equality] with a beautiful piece of control and a quality shot from Ivan Perisic. France restored its [leading / lead] from the penalty spot after the referee reviewed video evidence of a handball, which [many / much] pundits say was not handball. Two shots from [outside / outer] Croatia's penalty area from Paul Pogba and Mbappe extended France's lead. An [erroneous / error] from France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris in the 69th minute gave Croatia hope, but France held on [for / from] victory.

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