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   because      between      corruption      country      debut      ever      glory      image      later      leader      millions      most      neighbours      new      one      popular      powerful      seat      second      speech  
Pakistan's prime minister promised to change his . Imran Khan gave a a day after becoming the new . He said he would improve his country's by improving relations with India and Afghanistan, and with the United States. Relations Pakistan and the USA have worsened of terrorism. Khan promised to create of jobs, improve health and education, and fight .

Imran Khan, 65, is very in Pakistan. He is of Pakistan's greatest cricketers. He made his international aged 18. He captained Pakistan to Cricket World Cup in 1992. In 1996, he founded his political party. He won a in Pakistan's government in October 2002. In 2013, his party won the largest number of votes. This made Khan a politician. His party won the seats in July's election.

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