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Honey better for coughs than antibiotics






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Doctors are advising people with coughs to drink or eat honey or get some medicine from a drugstore instead of visiting a doctor. In most cases, honey will work better than antibiotics. Most of the time, a cough gets better on its own in a few weeks, even without medicine. Many of us go to see a doctor if we have a cough. Doctors in England say this can be a waste of time. They say antibiotics do little to make a cough go away.

We use antibiotics too much. This can be bad because antibiotics are getting weaker against viruses, so medicines are working less. This is creating superbugs, which are dangerous to our health. Honey can help to soothe a sore throat. A hot drink with honey is a traditional remedy for coughs. People sometimes add lemon to it. Honey may be good for children because they dislike medicine but love honey. Also, children do not like visiting a doctor.

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