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Restaurant bans customer for eating too much






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A sushi restaurant in Germany banned a customer because he ate too much. The customer was an ironman athlete. He paid $18.50 for an all-you-can-eat meal and ate nearly 100 plates of sushi. When he paid, the owner asked him not to return because he ate too much. The customer told a local newspaper: "I'm banned...because I ate too much." He added that he was a regular customer at the restaurant.

The customer's ironman diet means he does not eat for 20 hours and then he eats until he is full. He never had problems at the restaurant before. This time, the owner said the customer ate enough "for five people" and that was "not normal". A waiter did not accept a tip from the customer when he went to pay after his meal. The customer must now find another restaurant that provides delicious and good value meals.

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