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A university voted to replace with 'jazz-hand waving'. The University of Manchester Students' Union voted to replace clapping with 'jazz hands'. This is to respect who are affected by loud . The 'jazz hands' wave is the British Sign Language's of clapping. It involves waving one's in the . A Students' Union spokeswoman said the vote was to respect the people affected by loud noises like clapping and cheering. She said many people with like autism, sensory issues and often avoid public events because of clapping and cheering.

There has been a of criticism of the vote. A British tweeted that, "Britain is losing its mind". The even reached the USA, where Florida governor Jeb Bush tweeted: "Not , University of Manchester. Not Cool." The Students' Union said they represent the of students' views, saying: "The was passed to encourage the of British Sign Language more and inclusive for all." It added: "We are not banning clapping. We understand that some people may be more comfortable to continue using it."

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