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France has asked Google to blur all of French prisons online after a prisoner escaped from a prison near Paris. The prisoner was an killer, known as the "jailbreak ". He has escaped from prison many . The people who helped the man escape used a to land inside the prison and then fly the out. They used online to get the layout of the prison's . France's justice minister has asked Google to remove or blur all images of prisons in France from its . This is to help stop jailbreaks.

France's justice does not want any pictures of prisons . She wanted all photos to be blurred so no one could use them to carry out acts. She said: "It's not that photos of security buildings such as our prisons are...on the Internet." Google said it has contacted that provide the images. A spokesperson said Google's maps used images provided by companies. It said: "We have given our a list of sensitive locations and asked them to take the steps as soon as to conform with the ."

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