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   agents      clues      conclusions      consulate      consulate      death      denial      disappearance      documents      greater      knowledge      move      officials      outcry      parliament      phone      pressure      severe      strongly      wrongdoing  
The of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is descending into mystery. Mr Khashoggi was last seen at the Saudi Arabian in Istanbul, Turkey on October 2. He went there to process for his upcoming marriage. In the latest , Turkish investigators have searched the Saudi looking for . The Saudi consul left Turkey earlier this week as is growing on Saudi Arabia to give a full explanation as to what happened to Mr Khashoggi. It is widely reported that the journalist spent eleven hours in the consulate. Turkish believe Mr Khashoggi was murdered by Saudi who flew to Turkey earlier this month. The Saudis deny this.

The disappearance has sparked an international . US President Donald Trump threatened " punishment" if Saudi Arabia was involved in any . President Trump spoke to Saudi's Crown Prince Salman on the earlier this week. He said Prince Salman denied any of whatever may have happened to Mr Khashoggi. Mr Trump said the prince's was "very strong" and suggested that "rogue killers" may be behind Mr Khashoggi's possible . Turkey's President Erdogan spoke about the investigation in the Turkish . He said: "My hope is that we can reach soon as possible because the investigation is looking into many things."

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