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The disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is descending [onto / into] greater mystery. Mr Khashoggi was last [scene / seen] at the Saudi Arabian [consulate / consular] in Istanbul, Turkey on October 2. He went there to [recess / process] documents for his upcoming marriage. In the latest [move / movement] , Turkish investigators have searched the Saudi consulate looking for [cues / clues] . The Saudi consul left Turkey earlier this week [as / has] pressure is growing on Saudi Arabia to give a [full / fully] explanation as to what happened to Mr Khashoggi. It is [wide / widely] reported that the journalist spent eleven hours in the consulate. Turkish officials believe Mr Khashoggi was murdered by Saudi agents who flew to Turkey earlier this month. The Saudis [deny / defy] this.

The disappearance has [spanked / sparked] an international outcry. US President Donald Trump [threatened / threats] "severe punishment" if Saudi Arabia was involved in any [doings / wrongdoing] . President Trump spoke to Saudi's Crown Prince Salman [on / in] the phone earlier this week. He said Prince Salman strongly denied [many / any] knowledge of whatever may have happened to Mr Khashoggi. Mr Trump said the prince's denial was "very strong" and [suggestion / suggested] that "[vogue / rogue] killers" may be behind Mr Khashoggi's possible [death / dead] . Turkey's President Erdogan spoke about the investigation in the Turkish parliament. He said: "My hope is that we can [reach / breach] conclusions...as soon as possible because the investigation is looking [onto / into] many things."

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