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   alternative      because      best      brand      company      complaints      consumer      end      first      gender      masculine      one      products      radio      seriously      sexist      soft      stereotyping      store      strong  
Tissue Kimberly-Clark is changing the name of of its products. It is putting an to its Kleenex "Mansize" tissues. This is many people complained that the name "Mansize" was . The name has been on the boxes of tissues for over 60 years. They were launched in 1956 as an to cotton handkerchiefs. Adverts said the tissues "stayed when wet". The company said that the tissues will be renamed "Extra Large". Companies around the world are looking at the name of their to make sure they are not gender .

Kimberly-Clark's service department had many about the Mansize name. The company said being both and strong is not only . It said the Mansize name did not suggest inequality. It added: "We remain committed to developing the possible products for our consumers and we take any feedback extremely ." The name change started an online debate on names, company names and sexism. A presenter said it was time to rename the Mothercare because many fathers also look after babies.

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