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There are in the UK to ban the phenomenon to shock health and nutrition . The campaign group Action on Sugar wants to ban the "freakshake" - a "" milkshake packed with "grotesque" of sugar. Action on Sugar said the shake should be banned from restaurants and cafes as it can contain up to 1,280 . An adult would have to go jogging for three hours to burn off those calories. Freakshakes are full of sweetened whipped cream, chocolate bars, mini-doughnuts and even of cake. One freakshake tested contained 39 teaspoons of sugar. This is more than six times the recommended daily of sugar for a 10-year-old, and the of four cans of Coke.

Freakshakes originated in Australia and spread around the on social media. Two restaurants mentioned in the Action on Sugar report fought back and said they took seriously. One said it was adhering to a national sugar-reduction and was not targeting children with high-calorie shakes. A restaurant spokesperson said: "Freakshakes only on our main and are not targeted at children. We share our nutritional information for guests to access....We regularly work with our to explore ways we can reduce sugar levels in our ." A public health spokesman said the government needed to put a of 300kcal per serving on all shakes.

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