Gap Fill - Reindeer - Level 1


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   because      curious      eight      experience      eyes      fur      mountains      north      photos      presents      problem      rare      sleigh      snow      social      tale      times      USA      usually      white  
A man photographed a white reindeer in the of Norway. Mads Nordsveen, from Oslo, was hiking in the . He suddenly saw a small white animal. He realized it was a reindeer. He said it was so , "he almost disappeared into the ". He said the was "magical" and like a "fairy ". He said: "We looked into each other's . He was very calm....He behaved as if he was posing for my . He was very ."

The photo has gone viral on media. It has been liked over 30,000 . It is good luck in Norway to see a white reindeer. Also, Christmas is coming. Santa Claus' is pulled by reindeer. They help Santa to deliver . Santa's reindeer are brown. A white reindeer is white of a genetic that removes colour from its . They are not albino. In the , reindeer are known as caribou.

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