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Fortnite more popular than TV for young people






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Young people play Fortnite more than they watch TV. The video streaming service Netflix said gaming is becoming more popular and TV is becoming less popular. Fortnite is more popular with young men. A study said that between 2015 and 2017, men aged 21 to 30 spent more time on gaming. They went from playing 2.3 hours a day to 4 hours. Their time spent watching TV, movies or streaming fell.

Netflix said Fortnite was a big challenge in "the global war for Internet users". Netflix said: "There are thousands of competitors...trying to entertain consumers." Fortnite has 200 million users. Over 80 million people play the game each month. It is popular because its competitive version is free. Its company made $3 billion in profit last year. It has plans to make its own app and game store. This will be cheaper than Apple's store.

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