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   activist      because      crazy      crocs      danger      editor      home      idea      lives      long      lovers      part      reasons      reservoir      safely      seaplanes      sight      tallest      they      wildlife  
Over 300 crocodiles in India are being moved they are too near a tourist . Officials say the crocs could be a to tourists near the Statue of Unity. The statue opened last October. It is the statue in the world. Officials want the crocodiles moved so can land on a , where the crocs live. They could attack tourists. Some of the are over three meters . They are going to a new in another of India.

Animal are angry. One said: "The government is...putting their at risk. [It] hasn't thought...where it will release the...crocodiles ." An environmental magazine said the to move the crocodiles was . An Indian journalist and said moving the crocodiles could break India's protection laws. Another official said had to move the crocodiles for "security ".

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