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The words
The phrase, "The early bird [snatches / catches] the worm" may be true. It means people who wake up early get more [doing / done] than people who don't. Another saying is from [former / farmer] U.S. President Benjamin Franklin. He said: "Early to bed, early to [arise / rise] makes a man healthy, wealthy, and [wisely / wise] ." Scientists have found that people who go to bed before 11pm may do [better / good] in life than people who sleep [around / in] 2:30am. The researchers are from Birmingham's Centre for Human Brain Health in the U.K. Their research [showing / showed] that people who slept and rose early (early birds) had an advantage [under / over] people who slept and woke up late (night owls). There were differences in the brain [function / fraction] of early birds and night owls.

The scientists [tested / rested] 38 people in their research. The people answered questionnaires about their sleeping [design / pattern] and when they felt [tired / tried] during the day. They were then put into an early bird or night owl group based [in / on] their answers. All of the people had MRI scans on their [brainy / brain] and did different tests throughout the day. The early birds said they felt [less / low] sleepy and were able to do the tests quicker than the night owls. The researchers said there were big [different / differences] between the two groups. The researchers said: "Night owls [during / among] school have to get up earlier, then they go into work and they have to get up earlier, so they're constantly [doing / having] to fight against their preferences and natural [lyrics / rhythms] ."

Mistake: Benjamin Franklin was a Founding Father of the USA, not a President.

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