Speed Reading — Kashmir - Level 1 — 100 wpm 

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There are tensions between India and Pakistan. The two countries could be heading for war. Pakistan shot down two Indian fighter jets on Wednesday and captured an Indian fighter pilot. This happened after Indian jets bombed Pakistani territory. India said it was bombing a terrorist base linked to a suicide car bombing that killed at least 40 Indian police officers in Kashmir. It is the first time Indian jets hit Pakistan since a 1971 war.

Pakistan closed its airspace on Wednesday. Airlines suspended flights to Pakistan and some parts of India. Airlines had to re-route flights to avoid the region. An aviation expert said 800 flights a day use the "critical" India-Pakistan air route. He said: "You can't fly over China, so you have to fly over Pakistan and India....Most of the traffic destined for Bangkok and Singapore will have to fly over Iran and then possibly take a detour."

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