Gap Fill - Internet - Level 1


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   bad      better      billions      concerned      election      fake      force      free      future      harassment      inventor      many      mirror      now      privacy      sure      us      worry      worry      years  
The World Wide Web is thirty old. Its inventor is about how people are using it. He is concerned about the of the Web. He wrote that people weren't about if the Web was "a for good". He thinks it can be and that it can help of people. Governments and companies must build a Internet. He said: "If we give up on building a better Web , then the Web will not have failed . We will have failed the Web."

The had three worries about the World Wide Web. He called it a " of humanity" where "you will see good and ". The first was criminal behavior like hacking and . New laws must keep people safe. A second is how social media spreads misinformation and news. People were tricked during the 2016 US presidential . A final worry is about . It is important to fight for a better, and safer Web.

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