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Cheaper rail tickets for Germany's women






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Women in Berlin, Germany will get cheaper rail travel on Monday for Equal Pay Day - a 21 per cent reduction in subway fares. Equal Pay Day is to raise awareness of the gender pay gap. It symbolizes how many extra days a year women must work to earn what men earn. Every country does different things. It is a big event in Germany, where women are paid 21 per cent less than men in terms of average gross hourly earnings. Berlin's subway is cutting the cost of a day travel ticket by 21 per cent, charging €5.50 instead of the usual €7.00.

Berlin's metro is wholeheartedly backing its initiative. It is advertising online. An ad vows to close the gender pay gap. It says: "Gender-specific wage gap. Sounds stupid. Is stupid. We'll close it." Critics of the cheaper day pass say women won't benefit as most workers buy monthly travel passes. Tourists buy the day passes. Men could be in trouble if they try to buy the cheaper day pass. Men found using the discounted tickets would be treated like fare dodgers. Any man caught buying the day pass will receive a fine of €60.

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Equal Pay Day - Level 4  |  Equal Pay Day - Level 6

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