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The words
Candy and chocolate manufacturers [on / in] the UK may have to stop using cartoon characters on [their / those] products. An alliance of health groups said many food companies [use / useful] characters from Peppa Pig and Disney on their [pack / packaging] . The companies use the characters to get children to [buying / buy] chocolate and candies. The health groups said 51 per cent of products [use / using] cartoon characters were unhealthy for children. The products [fell / under] below the health requirements needed to advertise on TV during children's [showing / shows] . The health groups said the products were very high in fat, sugar and [salt / salty] . The groups are asking the government to ban the use of [these / them] characters to sell unhealthy products to children.

There are three groups [trial / trying] to get a ban on cartoon characters on chocolate and candy. They are Action on Sugar, Action on Salt and the Children's Food Campaign. They [watched / looked] at the nutrition content of 526 products that were [aimed / goal] at children. The products' wrapping had colourful cartoon characters to [appear / appeal] to children. The Peppa Pig Candy Bites were among the [worst / worse] products. These contained 99 per cent [sugary / sugar] . Dr Kather Hashem, a nutritionist from the Action on Sugar group, said: "It's [shocking / shocked] that companies are exploiting the health of our children [by / buy] using cartoon characters on their high-sugar food and drink products, [particularly / particular] on chocolates and sweets, which are already hard to [consist / resist] for children."

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