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Candy and chocolate in the UK may have to stop using cartoon characters on their . An of health groups said many food companies use characters from Peppa Pig and Disney on their packaging. The companies use the characters to get children to buy chocolate and candies. The groups said 51 per cent of products using cartoon characters were unhealthy for children. The products fell below the health needed to advertise on TV during children's . The health groups said the products were very in fat, sugar and . The groups are asking the to ban the use of these characters to sell unhealthy products to .

There are groups trying to get a ban on cartoon characters on chocolate and candy. They are Action on Sugar, Action on Salt and the Children's Food Campaign. They looked at the content of 526 products that were aimed at children. The products' had cartoon characters to appeal to children. The Peppa Pig Candy Bites were among the products. These contained 99 per cent sugar. Dr Kather Hashem, a from the Action on Sugar group, said: "It's that companies are exploiting the health of our children by using cartoon characters on their high-sugar food and products, on chocolates and sweets, which are hard to resist for children."

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