Speed Reading — Team Sports - Level 2 — 100 wpm 

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Researchers say that training in sports teams is the best thing for all-round fitness. Team sport players have the endurance and stamina of long-distance runners, and the strength of bodybuilders. Researchers said the key to all-round fitness was to get strength, endurance and stamina. Cycling, running or swimming was best for this. Doing housework and climbing stairs was also a good way, instead of going to the gym.

The study looked at athletes aged 17 to 37. There were endurance athletes, such as cyclists; power athletes, such as bodybuilders; and team athletes who played basketball and football. The researchers tested the athletes' power, their ability to jump, and their oxygen use during hard exercise. A professor said power athletes should do endurance training and endurance athletes should do power training. Team players are lucky to do both.

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