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The words
Researchers from a university in Manchester in the UK have said that training [was / as] part of a sports team is the best way to [improve / improvement] all-round fitness. The researchers said team sport players are as good at [endure / endurance] and have as much stamina [as / has] long-distance [runs / runners] , and are as strong as bodybuilders. This is because of the different [types / typical] of exercise team players do. The researchers said the [key / lock] to all-round fitness is to combine building your strength with [combining / combing] your endurance and stamina. The research team said cycling, running or swimming was [best / beset] for all-round fitness. It also said energetically doing housework and climbing stairs was a good [alternatively / alternative] to going to the gym.

The study looked at 228 [athletics / athletes] aged 17 to 37 who studied at the Lithuanian Sports University. There were 87 endurance athletes, such as cyclists, [skis / skiers] and long-distance runners; 77 power athletes, such as [sprinters / sprints] and bodybuilders, and 64 team athletes who played basketball, football and volleyball. The researchers [testing / tested] athletes on their muscle power and their [able / ability] to jump from a [standing / stood] position. Researchers also tested the athletes' oxygen [use / breath] during hard exercise to [measure / measurement] aerobic endurance. Professor Hans Degens said his study showed that "endurance training for power athletes [and / also] power training for endurance athletes" was beneficial. He said team players have the best of both [words / worlds] .

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