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Dutch railway to compensate Holocaust victims






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Holland's railway company, NS, will compensate Holocaust victims. NS will compensate people taken to Nazi concentration camps on their trains. After Germany invaded Holland in 1940, NS trains took thousands of Jews and other minorities to German trains. By 1944, most Jews in Holland had gone. NS will pay tens of millions of euros to about 500 survivors and members of their family. NS will pay between 5,000 euros to 15,000 euros to each victim.

NS said the payments are the company's historical responsibility. The Nazis paid NS to take people to the border. German trains then took them to the camps. NS said it was "a black page" in its history. It added: "There is no...amount of money that can compensate...for the suffering [of] the victims." It called the payments "a moral gesture". NS accepted its role in the suffering of the victims and their family members.

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