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The words
A woman in England is [selling / sold] her bath water. It is so [popular / popularity] that the water has sold out. The woman is Instagram cosplay model Belle Delphine. She has over four million [followed / followers] across the social media site. She [posted / pasted] a video to her Instagram page advertising small jars of her old bath water for $30. In the video, she said: "Gamer boys - It's [time / timing] to get your gamer girl bath water." She added: "This water is [not / non] for drinking and should only be [used / using] for sentimental purposes." She then winks at the camera and [sets / lets] water from her mouth drip into a small bottle. Thousands of her fans [eagerly / eager] placed an order for the water. Her [entire / entirely] stock of 500 jars of the water sold out within two days.

Belle Delphine is a 19-year-old Londoner. She has gained a [lot / loads] of popularity on social media [by / on] sitting in a bath filled with water in skimpy clothes. She also calls [her / herself] Gamer Girl. Selling her old bath water is her latest [idea / ideal] to make money from her followers. Another way she makes money is by [selling / sold] selfies of herself. Followers can pay up to $2,500 for some of the selfies. Belle said she is [repeating / constantly] trying to "come up with [weird / word] ideas" to make money. Her bath water idea has not been [populate / popular] with everyone on social media. Many people said it was "gross". An Instagram user commented: "Every day, we [stray / spray] further and further away from God." Other people [priced / praised] her business skills.

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