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A woman in England is selling her bath water. It is so that the water has sold out. The woman is Instagram cosplay Belle Delphine. She has over four followers across the social media . She posted a video to her Instagram page advertising small of her old bath water for $30. In the video, she said: "Gamer boys - It's to get your gamer girl bath water." She added: "This water is not for and should only be used for sentimental ." She then winks at the camera and lets water from her drip into a small bottle. Thousands of her fans eagerly placed an order for the water. Her stock of 500 jars of the water sold out within two days.

Belle Delphine is a 19-year-old Londoner. She has gained a lot of on social media by sitting in a bath filled with water in skimpy . She also calls herself Gamer Girl. Selling her old bath water is her idea to make money from her . Another way she makes money is by selling selfies of . Followers can pay up to $2,500 for some of the selfies. Belle said she is trying to "come up with ideas" to make money. Her bath water has not been popular with everyone on social media. Many people said it was "gross". An Instagram user commented: "Every day, we stray and further away from God." Other people praised her business .

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