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   advantage      audience      bench      boos      capital      case      compensation      contract      each      fan      friendly      lawyers      longer      normally      passionate      price      rival      star      them      they  
Football fans in South Korea plan to sue Italian soccer club Juventus and its player Cristiano Ronaldo. Fans want after Ronaldo failed to play in a against an all-star K League team. Juventus signed a to play Ronaldo for 45 minutes, but he stayed on the and did not even lace up his boots. Fans at the game chanted the name of Ronaldo's great Lionel Messi. There were also at the stadium. Fans have also been on social media. One wrote: "He betrayed the 60,000 and belittled us. I'm no a Ronaldo fan."

The angry fans want compensation. They have gone to see in South Korea's city. They want their $60 ticket back and compensation of $850 for the "mental anguish" Ronaldo's no-show caused. A lawyer said that in such cases, fans would get their money back for their tickets. He said this was "a special " because Juventus used "false advertising" to take of Ronaldo's fans. He added: "As for the mental anguish...some of the fans are very . They are real fans, so for it is very painful because love Ronaldo."

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