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The words
Football fans in South Korea are planning to [sow / sue] Italian soccer giants Juventus and its star player Cristiano Ronaldo. Over 2,000 fans want compensation after Ronaldo [failed / failure] to play in a pre-season friendly against an all-star K League team. Juventus [singed / signed] a contract to play Ronaldo for 45 minutes of the game, but he [strayed / stayed] on the subs bench and did not even [lace / lack] up his soccer boots. Many fans at the game switched from [chants / chanting] Ronaldo's name to chanting the name of his great [rival / libel] Lionel Messi. There were also [coos / boos] around the stadium. The fans have also been [voicing / talking] their anger at Ronaldo on social media. One wrote: "He betrayed the 60,000 audience and belittled us. I'm no [longer / lengthen] a Ronaldo fan."

The angry fans are now [reeking / seeking] compensation. They have gone to a law firm [in / on] South Korea's capital city, Seoul. They want Juventus to return their $60 ticket price and [pay / payment] compensation of $850 to each fan for the "mental anguish" [they / them] suffered because of Ronaldo's no-show. A lawyer told the Reuters news agency that [normal / normally] in such cases, fans would get their money [forward / back] for their tickets, but this was "a special case since the company, through [false / falsely] advertising, [did / took] advantage of the football star's fans". The lawyer added: "As for the mental anguish part, I'd like to say [any / some] of the fans are very passionate. They are real, avid fans, so for them it is very painful because they [lovely / love] Ronaldo."

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