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   bill      blatantly      building      city      daily      dignity      entire      flags      leader      ninth      passengers      protests      situation      spokesperson      standstill      strike      systems      trial      verge      walls  
Hong Kong's is worried about the taking place in the . She said they are affecting life. She said the city is on "the of an extremely dangerous ". Hong Kong had protests for the weekend in a row. Protestors fought with police. A citywide disrupted transport. Traffic was brought to a as streets were blocked. Protestors made sure trains could not move by keeping their doors open, angering .

A proposed to extradite people to stand in mainland China started the protests. In July, protesters broke into the legislature . They broke glass , metal doors and damaged and paintings with spray cans. A government said the conduct of the protestors, "has offended the...national [and] trampled on the...'one country, two ' principle, and greatly hurt the feelings of the Chinese people."

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