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There is international agreement on the protection of 18 [threatened / threatening] species of sharks and rays. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) [agreed / agree] on Sunday to give greater protection for the [mariner / marine] creatures from actions such [like / as] commercial fishing and hunting. Many of the threatened species are [hunting / hunted] for their meat and fins. Some of the species [been / being] protected are [the / a] world's fastest shark (the mako shark), wedgefishes and guitarfishes. Luke Warwick of the Wildlife Conservation Society said: "Sharks are [vulnerable / vulgar] wildlife....Momentum is clearly building to [ensure / insure] that these species, which have been around for 400 million years, continue to be around for future [generation / generations] ."

CITES is an international [threat / treaty] established in 1973 to protect endangered animals and [plant / plants] . It has been [signed / singed] by 182 different states, plus the European Union. There was not [wide span / widespread] agreement at the weekend's meeting. The focus [on / of] the meeting was on protecting sharks. The number of sharks killed each year by [commercial / commercially] fishing is estimated at 100 million. One conservation group said this [figurine / figure] could be as high as 273 million. Forty countries disagreed that the mako shark was [in / on] danger. They argued that there was not enough evidence to [proof / show] that the mako was disappearing as a result of fishing. The global shark fin market is [estimate / estimated] to be over $1.2 billion.

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