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A beekeeper in Turkey has come [over / across] a discovery thanks to a group of honey-stealing bears. The hobbyist beekeeper is Mr Ibrahim Sedef, who lives in the Black Sea [coasting / coastal] town of Trabzon, northeast of the capital Ankara. For many years, he has gone to great [lengths / longings] to prevent bears from stealing the honey his bees make. In so [done / doing] , he has discovered that the bears have a [particularly / particular] penchant for the best quality, most expensive honey. Mr Sedef had struggled to keep the [intruders / intrusion] and their sweet [teeth / teething] away from his beehives. However, the bears [evaded / invaded] his metal cages and protective [storage / stage] houses, and did not fall for Mr Sedef's attempts to use apples and other fruit as a [decor / decoy] .

Mr Sedef told reporters that the bears have [costed / cost] him over $10,000 in the past three years. During this time, he set up cameras to find out more about their [tasty / tastes] . He enticed the bears with four different bowls of [goods / goodies] . Three bowls contained [various / variously] types and quality of honey and one had cherry jam. Time [after / before] time, the bears made a beeline for the most expensive honey. They continually [adopted / opted] for the premium Anzer honey, which is believed to be the most expensive [on / in] the world. It is produced from the [reactor / nectar] of 90 flowers that only grow in the mountains of the Anzer plateau. It is said to have a [hole / whole] host of medicinal and [curated / curative] powers. Despite his financial losses, Sedef said he has grown to love the bears.

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