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Scientists have discovered a new of electric eel that is truly . In fact, it is the most shocking in the world. The new eel was discovered in the Amazon. It is of giving someone an electric shock that is nearly eight times stronger than the found in the wall of an American home. The eel is 2.4 meters long, weighs 45kgs, and can discharge a of 860 volts. Appliances in American homes need just 110 volts of electricity. The eel has enough to give a human a severe electric shock. It is the shock could kill a human. The scientists wrote in the journal Nature Communications that the eel is "the strongest living bio-electricity ".

Scientists have named the eel Electrophorus voltai. The team of researchers actually found two new species of electric eel, but Electrophorus voltai is grabbing the because of its power. Up until the two recent discoveries, scientists believed there was only one electric eel in . Lead researcher Dr David de Santana said he would not be surprised to find new species. He wrote: "If you can discover a new 2.4m-long fish after 250 years of , can you imagine what remains to be discovered in that ?" He added: "The Amazonia, one of the planet's hot spots, is suggestive of the vast amount of species that remain to be discovered in .

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