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Astronomers say Saturn is the planet with the moons. It has overtaken Jupiter as the " of the moons". The found 20 new moons orbiting Saturn, brings the planet's to 82. Jupiter has 79 celestial bodies. Each of the -discovered moons is at least 5km in . Seventeen of them orbit Saturn backwards and take over three years to complete one of Saturn. The astronomers found the moons using a powerful in Hawaii. The research team will now look for moons that are a kilometer in diameter.

Lead astronomer Dr Scott Sheppard commented on the of the moons. He said: "We don't think they formed with the planet. We think were captured by the planet in the ." He thinks Saturn sucked in a of gas and to form the moons. He added: "We think these moons interacted with gas and dust. These were comets or that happened to be passing by.... We think these are the last of what formed Saturn." The moons will be named in a after giants from Gallic, Inuit and Norse .

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