Speed Reading — Abiy Ahmed - Level 4 — 200 wpm 

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Ethiopia's leader Abiy Ahmed has won the Nobel Peace Prize. He won for "his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation" and for his role in resolving the conflict with neighboring Eritrea. He became leader in April 2018 and repaired relations with Eritrea. He played a key role in the crisis between Sudan and South Sudan. The UN called him "a wonderful example for others in and beyond Africa looking to overcome resistance from the past and put people first".

Many people see Mr Ahmed as a leader who brings hope to his region. He implemented the peace treaty signed with Eritrea in 2000, which brought peace between the two countries after two decades of war. Ethiopia and Eritrea spent hundreds of millions of dollars on their war, which killed tens of thousands of people. The UN said Mr Ahmed was a visionary. It said: "His vision helped Ethiopia and Eritrea achieve a historic reconciliation".

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