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The [majority / major] of the most-wanted fugitives in Europe are women. Europe's crime agency Europol has [reveled / revealed] a list of 21 criminals who are on the run from the [authority / authorities] . Eighteen of these are women. The wanted [suspects / suspicions] have been accused of a [derange / range] of charges including murder, human and drug trafficking and robbery. The most-wanted list was released as part [of / for] Europol's "Crime has no gender" campaign. A spokeswoman said: "People think that usually [them / these] crimes are not being committed by women, but they are, and they are [equally / equal] as serious as those committed by men." However, a crime expert told the BBC that: "Some women [done / do] commit serious crimes, they do [so / thus] far less frequently than men."

The Europol campaign [hoping / hopes] to raise awareness, "that women are just [as / was] likely to commit violent crimes as men." A spokeswoman said: "Even [though / thought] the discourse is often around male [fugitive / fugitives] , women can be just as bad." The campaign's website asks visitors the question: "Are women equally as [culpable / capable] of committing serious crimes as men?" It then answers that [why / very] question by stating: "The female fugitives featured [on / at] Europe's Most Wanted website prove that they are capable. The criminals - [off / of] both genders - in this new campaign by EU [law / lawful] enforcement are all wanted for grave offenses like murder, drug trafficking, fraud, [thieve / theft] and trafficking in human beings."

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